During BLOCONOMIC 2018, Co-Founder of Dash Embassy DACH, Rafael Schultz participated the first ever Malaysia Blockchain Summit that was organised by Malaysia Blockchain Association and Alphacap Berhad. He was one of the speaker from the 2 days event. Therefore, He shares his journey from Dash to his new blockchain incubator called Blockchain Punk.

1. “Co-Founder of Dash shares his journey from Dash to Blockchain Punk”

Throughout Bloconomic 2018, Rafael Schultz, Co-Founder of Dash Embassy DACH met up with other great blockchain enthusiast and most importantly Dash successfully partnered with some Blockchain companies like Trivechain Technology, Malaysia Blockchain Association and many more.

From his explanation above, He explained about Blockchain Punk.

What is Blockchain Punk?

Blockchain Punk is an accelerator from Berlin and started beginning of 2018. Blockchain Punk’s goal is to help bring Blockchain startups into massive blockchain. Blockchain Punk works very closely towards valuable technology projects that would like to be boost higher. One of their greatest case would be Dash.

Not only that, Coins300 did an exclusive interview with Rafael, Co-Founder of Dash Embassy DACH and Founder of Blockchain Punk about his point of view on Malaysia Blockchain Economy.

Based on your Point of View, What’s your thought on the differentiation with the use of Blockchain in Malaysia and Europe?

Based on two different continent, Im coming from crypto town in Berlin where young people are coming up with great ideas and older generation peoples are the ones with great loads of wealth. And with these two important combination, Blockchain spaces will be efficiently grow faster. As for Malaysia, This is my first time coming in to Malaysia and it has a big infrastructure which is even bigger than Germany as i could say, Malaysia could be the top crypto townies leading Southeast Asia. Not only that, Malaysia has just started its beginning but it has already a complete setup like supportive innovation hub . One good advice i could give… is to take Europe as a learning experience and adapt to Southeast Asia and definitely make it better and richer in value.

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