Mogu is also pronounced as “蘑菇🍄” in Mandarin. Founded in January 2015 and with a valuation of more than 100M (as of May 2017), MOGU has sold an estimated 5000 smart routers to date.

Their mission is to make internet affordable, accelerated and accessible through their disruptive smart-router technology. Our home routers usually sits idly up to 18hours per day, with the Mogu Smart Router™ it will be able to use this downtime to perform big data revenue generating tasks. So the Mogu Smart Router™ user receives a portion of the revenue for the work completed by their router in the form of Mogu Token.

On the 17th of August during BLOCONOMIC 2018, Mogu’s Head of Business Development, Sam Hourigan shares with us some of MOGU’s missions and goals.

“We are moving towards everything as service. So, we want to inspire the dreams as developer of the world and bring what is tightly controlled industry into a more open industry to allow people to get access to data services.”

He also added,

“Decentralized nature is very important to us and it’s bringing power back to the people. We really want to build a community that’s able to step into our future and with our smart router, it is cheaper and more effective to access data. And also we pay the owners of each router for the use of the server services that we provide. So, as we are processing the server services through each one of the routers, we are giving back to the people who owns it. Which means it’s part of our community and moving forward it’s not about the corporate, but its everyone in the world.”

Not only that,

He shares some of his point of view on the differences of the Blockchain scene in Malaysia and Australia.

“I think on the public scale, Malaysia especially all over Southeast Asia, I think there’s a lot more public sentiment supporting the technology. And I think Malaysia has got a population that is more technology driven and technology adapt. Australia is a resources economy on agriculture and we are trending towards property and construction economy now as well.  And this is somewhat stifling our ability to accept new level technologies.”


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